Main Benefits of Learning Korean Language

Korean is a language that is spoken by more than 75 million people around the globe. Additionally, it is ranked in the 14th position among the most spoken languages worldwide. Therefore, it is evident that the benefits of learning Korean are numerous. When many students decide to learn foreign languages, they do not prioritize Korean. However, here are reasons as to why you should learn Korean.

Boosts mental growth and development

Research shows that learners who are bilingual have a high level of thinking abilities, creativity, and ingenuity. All these translate to a healthy and sober mind. Also, do you know that among the many benefits of learning Korean is having lower chances of contracting neurological disorders? Study shows that bilinguals can take about 4 to 5 years in their old age to develop conditions like Alzheimer’s disease 

Open Opportunities

Besides, boosting mental growth and development by being bilingual, there are many opportunities that you can exploit. The most predominant one can be through your career. Supposing a career vacancy is available, your proficiency in Korean can give you an upper hand. Alternatively, some business opportunities will require someone who understands Korean. International relations, being a tour guide, and working as an ambassador are all benefits of learning Korean.

As globalization continues to grow rapidly, some organizations require employees to have extra capabilities in other languages. Therefore, knowing how to communicate in Korean helps you to stand out from the crowd when such opportunities come on the way. In simple terms, knowing Korea grants you limitless opportunities in life.

Studying abroad

Many higher learning institutions in Korea offer many fields of study. Many scholarships are also available including academic exchange programs for students. For instance, over 140,000 students were studying in Korea as International students. Undergraduate, master’s and PHD programs are all available abroad. The benefits of learning Korean are not limited to communicating and academics.

To avoid the biggest challenge of language barrier when studying in a new environment, mastery of the foreign language is essential. By studying abroad, you become a global citizen where you also get to exploit other people’s cultural practices as you speak their language. Meanwhile, you also get a chance to experience educational competitiveness and exceptional scholarly achievements in your field of study.

In conclusion, the benefits associated with learning Korean are numerous. The people of East Asia are also known to be very welcoming. Now that you have known these benefits, why not give it a try? It might be your ladder to your next achievement in life.

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