How To Use Vintage License Plates for Interior Decor

The perfect moment to update your home, I’d say after a decade. After 10 years of having the same picture on the wall, the same old flower vase, and the same old paint color can be quite boring. This may be the best time to renovate your house by simply adding another art to your gallery collection. Apart from the cliche house decorating techniques like adjusting the light, or using floral prints, have you ever imagined incorporating vintage license plates as part of the decoration? Well, most probably not.  

From Christmas decor to hallway ceilings, vintage plates are a great DIY (Do it yourself) for interior design 50 state sets. These rusty models add inspiration to whichever room you desire. They do not only provide a delightful focal point but also add to the color. You can add more life by decorating your home by using vintage license plates in various ways; 

  • Add some pieces of vintage license plates to your art gallery.  
  • Coat racks – Hang your coat on a stylish rack. 
  • Storage – (Pencil Cup) Add a stylish storage design by using these metal vessels. Use it to clear clutter, and storing pencils, pens, paintbrush, etc 
  • Ceiling – select vintage plates that will add a vibrant and unique pop of color to the ceiling. 
  • Clock – assemble numbers from the license plate to create an unequaled timepiece. 
  • Staircase – remodel the staircase with these plates. 
  • Wall piece – Assemble many vintage plates and affix them on the wall for a classic look. Also, you can model the shape of distinct elements, for example, a map. 
  • Christmas decor – you can fashion vintage license tree plates and add the LED lights. 
  • Flowers – Trim and shape your vintage plates into flowers, and hang them on the wall or door. In addition, create a planter fitted with the license plates where you can place your flowers. 
  • Room divider – Add an industrial look to your home space. By using hang strands, use as many license plates as necessary to divide your rooms. 
  • Mirror – along the mirror edges, fix the vintage plates all around the mirror.  
  • Dresser – transform your wardrobe/dresser into stunning furniture. 
  • Table – create a plate table, for example, a coffee license table. 
  • Kitchen – decorate the kitchen backsplash, cabinet, counter, and fridge.  
  • Bedroom – incorporate a plate college on your bedroom door, wall, or bed headboard. 
  • Toilet – Add a funky look to the toilet by using old license plates as tissue holders. If you have a wooden crate for the tissues, improve the look by incorporating vintage plates. 
  • Bathroom – personalize your bathroom with pieces on the shelf, or mirror. 
  • Box – cut out an all-purpose box for keeping foods or other items. 
  • Construct a homemade lamp. 
  • Create a tray, magazine, or book holder. 

Vintage license plates are a diverse and inexpensive element for interior house decoration. By upcycling these vintage license plates, you help conserve the environment by keeping the rusty pieces off the landfills.