What to look for before Limousine Rental in Canada?

A limousine is a large and luxurious car that a chauffeur often drives. The car is partitioned, thus having a driver’s compartment separate from the passenger’s compartment.

Limousines are hired for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation and birthday parties, and corporate meetings. Limousine rental in Canada is always carried out for these occasions.

Types of Limousines 

There are different types of limousine cars: A sedan limousine which occupies three to four passengers. This type is used by traveling business individuals when commuting from the airport to their desired destination. An SUV limousine is used by a group of friends or family members who are on a road trip or are traveling to the countryside respectively. It is bigger than the Sedan type.

A Limo-bus or party bus carries more than thirty passengers. It has a proper restroom too and is larger compared with the others. A Hummer Limo accommodates more than a dozen people. Bachelors mainly hire it. It, therefore, contains features that favor them, like games.

A Convertible Limo has an open roof surface feature. However, it’s not suitable for all seasons. Therefore, it is limited. A Classic Vintage limousine accommodates four passengers. It’s suitable for passengers who love vintage.

A systematic booking system characterizes limousine rental in Canada. Some of the services offered are airport services and Niagara Falls tours. Services offered in the airport are by experienced personnel. Tourists who would wish to visit Niagara Falls are also offered free wine on their way.

What passengers should always look out for

Passengers should check if these cars are fully licensed, if they have professional chauffeurs and if they have premium fleet options. License check is important because passengers are sure they are safe, professional chauffeurs, on the other hand, ensure passengers receive high services. Fleet options are advantageous when the number of passengers increases or decreases. Most companies offer 24/7 services which is a definite advantage. Two major things to consider before renting these cars are the type of limousines and the number of passengers that can occupy the cars, also the minimum number of hours you need. It’s important because other companies charge per hour while others per package.

Some of the Pros

Some of the benefits passengers experience is being driven by professional drivers, free cancellation of hiring the cars if there is a change of plans and complimentary wait time. Limousine rental in Canada offers a wide range of limousines to choose from the fleet. These cars are also personalized according to the passengers’ occasions and desires. They are packed with the latest technology. The limousines are also tracked through GPS, ensuring the safety of the passengers. There is also the availability of WIFI and other entertainment equipment.

Some of the Cons

Limousines can be quite expensive because they offer a lot, such as champagne, wines, and other luxury items. Also, rates are only available upon request making it difficult to calculate the total cost.


Limousine rental in Canada is highly recommendable and favorable as passengers can choose suitable limousines from the premium fleet options. Passengers can also pay per hour or package. Renting the limousine is also flexible because one can cancel freely at any time through their systematic booking system.

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